Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Welcome to the Money Spartans Finance Blog

My name is Will Scott. I'm the president and CEO of The Money Spartans Financial!  I know what you're thinking....BIG DEAL! I get it but I had to put it out there to let you know who I .am. To cut straight to the chase, I'm a guy that's passionate about everyday people building nest eggs that will serve them well and be BIG enough to pass forward as a legacy in their families as well as in their communities.

Sooooooooo, help me spread the word. Each week, we'll talk about real finance nuggets that can be applied in your life NOW and address some financial fears and myths as well.

Good stuff is coming! Share with you soon!

Book of the Month of May 2019

I used this book to develop an upcoming seminar on developing your own wealth plan to make money while you sleep!